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The Best Is Yet To Come :icondruce-white-owl:Druce-White-Owl 1 3
5 Minutes to Showtime :icondruce-white-owl:Druce-White-Owl 5 3
Mature content
Golden Glory Bound :icondruce-white-owl:Druce-White-Owl 6 1
Eye See You II :icondruce-white-owl:Druce-White-Owl 3 4
A Vote of No Confidence - 2
It had been a terrible mistake, letting Pfanee and ShenShen lure her away after all that work and effort. She'd been swayed by just a single moment of doubt, one tiny inkling of uncertainty had been all it took to shook her conviction at that young age.
Just that morning she had given herself entirely to the task of ensuring she and Elphaba Thropp attended the Oz Dust ball together and now, like a typical society twit, she'd allowed her flighty friends to lure away for gossip and rumor-mongering.  Of course, it wasn't their fault—actually they couldn't be blamed at all—she had allowed herself to be dragged off all of her own accord.  When she finally managed to tear herself away from that little social circle, the gaggle of air-headed self-absorbed society folk, she found that... she was alone.
Her loyal friend, Boq, one a very persistent courter for her affection, informed her that Elphaba had left... With Fiyero.   Fiyero!? She barely knew
:icondruce-white-owl:Druce-White-Owl 1 2
The Lion has a Grievance :icondruce-white-owl:Druce-White-Owl 6 9
A Vote of No Confidence
Outside the emerald palace things were far from wonderful.  Almost three weeks ago, Glinda Upland, the celebrated Saint of Goodness for all of Oz, had disappeared.  It happened right under the Wizard's nose, after he gallantly took her to the hospital in his own carriage and arranged a private room for her and a personal guard to ensure she was undisturbed while she recovered.  Many asked what it was that she was recovering from, but the general masses assumed it simply to be a necessity due to the weak constitution many thought the cheery social butterfly had.  
She had swooned right at the key moment, right when the Wicked Witch herself had unexpectedly burst through one of the stained glass windows, sending shards of glass flying over the horrified audience and sending Ozian Guardsmen scrambling for their rifles.  The witch had arrived just as the minister completed the hallowed phrase of “If anyone should have cause why this ma
:icondruce-white-owl:Druce-White-Owl 2 8
I forgive you,
I forgive you,
I know there's nothing to these words.
I know there's nothing left to say.
But there may be a day,
When you look back and wonder why,
Was it me that made you cry?
I cried too,
For you my dear.
Bet I've let myself go.
I'll embrace whatever comes,
I'll walk and dance, and even hum.
And from the morbid sad despair,
I rise anew with hope to spare.
So when the day comes,
Please don't cry.
No I've forgiven you, by and by.
There is no point to hatred prosing
Or this feeling of self-loathing,
I've let it go,
for you my dear.
You've made a difference,
that is clear.
So I forgive you,
For everything.
What's the difference,
Who's to blame,
What's it matter,
It's all the same!
So I forgive you,
Take your peace,
I find solace in such release.
The pain is over,
The sadness gone,
I've finally found where I belong.
Forgiveness is a beautiful thing.
:icondruce-white-owl:Druce-White-Owl 1 4
The China Doll
There's just one way to talk to you,
I guess that's the way it'll be.
I tried too be myself for you,
The lies too good to be true.
Misread the signs,
Misjudged the times,
It's all easy to do.
I told the truth, I got spurned.
I guess that's the way to be,
Maybe this is meant to be,
Maybe this was destiny.
The Liar,
The Fake,
The Sham.
Back I go, smiling again,
Pretending it's all fine!
The pain within my heart,
I'll bear it just for you,
The pain so bad I'll take no more,
But it's lessened now compared to before.
If I can't be me for one like you why be me at all?
Why not put it all behind, embrace the fake and cunning lies?
The China Doll I'd like to be,
the one beyond my mortal reach,
Months and Years,
The ridiculing glance.
The pain to fix inaccuracies would be too much to bear,
If I can't find accepting hands now why look for them there?
The emptiness was once enjoyed,
So I embrace once more.
I'm sick of friends,
I'm sick of love,
Forget the High Society,
Forget the Dregs o
:icondruce-white-owl:Druce-White-Owl 1 3
A lie within a lie.
That is what I am,
Some would call me drama queen,
They say I could be great.
The kindest friend,
The cruelest foe,
These are lies, I think you know.
Am I bastard, am I bitch?
Either way I'm still a witch.
If you know me, truly well,
you know my story is hard to tell.
The man, the woman, both a lie,
Both breathe life before I'll die.  
You see, I'm two-faced through and through,
And neither should mean much to you.
My gentle smile and my kind words,
They're a lie you've always heard.
My silent stare, my lack of care,
The way I feel when they are there.
Where's the one that I once was?
Where's the child filled with joy?
I could be great,
I know,
I see,
But I can't claim what's best for me.
So obsessed with the void,
The rumors,
The talking,
All the noise.
When did I become this way?
When did my obsession fade?
I was better then, it's true.
I might be better, knowing you.  
But it's not for you my lies are told,
Is it because I'm growing old?
Is my
:icondruce-white-owl:Druce-White-Owl 0 2
Gray Eyes
She came to me from gardens deep,
The ever quiet vigilance,
Warrior’s Body
Teacher’s Soul
Grey eyes, Grey eyes,
Hear my call.
Golden shield,
Silver spear,
Help me conquer these great fears.
She is with me,
Day or Night,
Always here with shining light.
Goddess, heaven,
I battle with in inner plight,
Help me win my greatest fights,
Bring to me your shining light.
:icondruce-white-owl:Druce-White-Owl 1 3
Shattered Glass
The river void,
No tranquil lake,
A shattered sheet of glass.
Turbulent and savage,
The river rapids cutting like glass.
Let darkness claim me, drown my soul,
But what  fire from within?
Telling me I must not give in,
That fire lightwithin,
Telling me not to give in.
:icondruce-white-owl:Druce-White-Owl 1 4
Mature content
Not your average Witch :icondruce-white-owl:Druce-White-Owl 1 1
Do you see what Eye see? :icondruce-white-owl:Druce-White-Owl 2 0 Commission: Ntombi - WoW :icondruce-white-owl:Druce-White-Owl 0 4
Ballad of the Warband
Ballad of the Warband
(Set to Waltzing Matilda)
There once was a war band marching through Kalimdor
fighting for freedom for you and for me,
And every soldier marching knew that death was following,
so they raised up their banners and shouted with glee!
For honor, for glory, for a warrior's calling,
we give our lives so that you can be free.
And they raised up their banners and shouted for death to hear,
We give our lives so that they can be free.
Out marched the infantry, rattling their swords shield!
Out marched the archers, with arrows to be freed!
And every soldier marching knew that death was following,
so they up their raised banners and shouted with glee!
For honor, for glory, for a warrior's calling,
we give our lives so that you can be free.
And they raised up their banners and shouted for death to hear,
We give our lives so that they can be free.
Up came the demons, swarming from the fel abyss,
Out charged the war band, who fought them with glee.
And every soldier marc
:icondruce-white-owl:Druce-White-Owl 0 0

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Sweet Christmas, has it really been two years since I submitted a journal?  Or any work for that matter!

I've been busy, but I'm getting a lot of stuff straight and at long last I can see the light at the end of a heinously long tunnel. Anyone who still follows me can look forward to seeing some sample writing placed up here within the next month.  If you like what you see, keep an eye peeled, I may soon be putting out short stories for e-book in the near future as well!


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Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I am a student at the University of North Texas majoring in Creative Writing. I’m three times published and the winner of a state wide writing competition; writing is my passion and my career--Sadly, I also think of myself as something of an illustrator. Most of the work you’ll find in my gallery is of the latter persuasion, and I’m so very sorry you stumbled upon it!
Before perusing the gallery, I urge you to buy a bottle of eyewash at your local pharmacy.

If you do not have eyewash close at hand I do have one written piece in my gallery, The Best Is Yet To Come, which is a prelude to the novel I am currently writing; should you receive direct exposure to my illustrations I strongly encourage cleansing your brain with my writing as soon as possible!


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